SmartLighting ignoring time constraints? (Feb 1 2018)


I’ve been manually turning my light on and finding that it turns off, but as KevinH describes - It doesn’t seem to be turning back on automatically (only turns off).

But now that I think about it, it isn’t supposed to turn on automatically until “Night” mode, because it’s assumed to have been turned on at sunset.

(Kevin) #22

No prob know what push days are like. Wish I could test a fix for ya but can’t until Sunday. Just like to help where possible. Just wanted to reenforce the symptoms.


I write automation code for a living (very different platform), so I know how it goes to get everything done on a Friday.

(Chris) #24

I have an automation smartapp (Porch Lights On) that turn on the hue porch
lights at sunset. Another automation smartapp (Good Night!) turns them off
at 10:30pm. The automation smartapp that is not working since the firmware
update is called (Porch Motion Lights At Night).

Smartapp (Porch Motion Lights At Night) turns on the porch & driveway hue
bulbs when the aeon multisensor 6 (M/T Sensor (Porch)) senses motion then
turns off after 5 minutes. This smartapp is set to run from 11pm to
sunrise. The issue I am having is that the smartapp is ignoring the time
constraint. I know this because the aeon multisensor 6 (M/T Sensor
(Porch)) sensor senses motion when I walk by anytime between sunset and
10:30pm and after 5 minutes its turning the lights off.

(Kevin) #25

Hope soon as possible is this week ;). My kitchen is weird looking and dark without the cabinet lighting. Yea this isn’t life threatening work…but it is one of those things that are very visible (or not in this case)

(vlad) #26

We are shooting for a release in the next couple of days - the fix has been merged and QA will start in a bit here. We will then have to resync everyone’s local automations which can take a few hours.

(Kevin) #27

Vlad, you are a scholar and a gentleman :wink: .

And it’s funny that the prior owners to this house have lived in this darkness. I’ve gotten so used to having my under cabinet lights and above cabinet lights that when they aren’t on it looks so dark in there despite 6 br30 can lights. Also I grew up always leaving a light on in the kitchen, so its weird not having a glow from my kitchen somehow.

Just glad you could find the bug.


I assume this is what I’ve been running into for a week or two. I have a porch light that turns on with motion between sunset and sunrise. Noticed a couple days that it never turns off when I left for work.

(Kevin) #29

If its a week or two, then no… You should email support, chat, or call them. They are good for helping for that sorta thing. But this bug is just a few days old.


Vlad, thanks for the update.

Any idea why only some of my lights are impacted? Is it just how some of the scripts were converted? Not super critical to know. Just weird.

(Kevin) #31

Going to assume the push happened sometime Tuesday as it seems fixed now. At least my kitchen lights are now acting as they should/is as they were before. Monday night they were still broke. Now I’ve not changed anything and have tested a few times and the automation seems back to normal.

Thanks vlad.


Vlad - Mine seems to be working again as of last night. Thank you for the prompt support.

(vlad) #34

Good to hear, yea the fix went out Tuesday evening and over the next 24 hours everyone’s existing apps should have been updated. Though I can’t take credit - @Zach_Varberg was the one who came up with the fix and made the code change.

(vlad) #35

Hey alll,
One of our support agents reached out to my team and mentioned that they were able to reproduce an issue where the mode for their SmartLighting installation was being ignored when used as a condition (again only when installed locally). I was wondering if any of you guys have seen the same thing? So far the only report I’ve seen is from our support agent but wanted to checkin here since you guys are pretty attentive to this stuff. Hopefully everything is running smoothly but if not please let me know.




I think that things are fine, but I’d need to keep an eye on it. I’ve noticed over the past few days that my system might be going into “Good Night” mode based upon motion a bit earlier than I would expect but my logs say otherwise. It looks like it was working correctly.

(Kevin) #37

None of mine have failed up until today. But the next one will be at sunset. After sunset is when I am checking for time of day or other. So… about 30mins to an hour max and I’ll know :slight_smile:

(Kevin) #38

Am not seeing the same bug that i saw before. My cabinet lighting did not turn off like they did before when the automations were ignoring time. Negative on is it happening to us again.

(vlad) #39

Thanks for the quick responses, really appreciate it. Have a great weekend.

(Ash) #40

Hi @vlad,
I am noticing the same / similar issue today. I debugged using live logging and noticed the time start and end fields to be null where as i have time configured in my rules based on motion stop.

One difference might be that i am activating a scene based on motion stop.

I did check that my hub’s firware is latest, 20.17

(Ash) #41

I retested with a light directly instead of activating a scene and has the same problem. My motion sensor is a Dome motion sensor with a custom DH which is cloud device. Motion events are firing fine.