Smarthings reminders with Alexa?

Has anyone created functionary to have reminders used through Alexa using ST?

This isn’t something Alexa can do (huh) and it a basic need for us.

Please elaborate with a specific example…I think I know the answer :smile:

I want Alexa to give me a reminder when the next Knicks game is. However she adds it as a to do list and never alerts me (like my phone would).

Any suggestions?

Check this thread…

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Have you looked at IFTTT?

I have but this will not do reminders. It will do notifications on devices in ST

My ST is so involved now that I want to avoid IF, Stringify, and Yonomi as much as possible. That is another service to manage especially when changes are needed.

Well the first step is to have the delivery…reminders will come very, very soon…

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I’m waiting. :slight_smile: