SmartApp to control thermostat using average of temp sensors?

I am looking for a smartapp that can adjust my nest thermostat using the average of multiple temp sensors.

My main thermostat is in my hallway. At night we like to close all the doors to the bedrooms. The problem we have is that most of the baseboards are cutoff from the main hallway. The rooms obviously tend to get a lot warmer because they are now isolated from the thermostat.

I do have motion/temp sensors in these rooms and was hoping to take advantage of them to help my issue.


There are some individual smart apps that might meet your needs, but at this point, I would consider just going with core. It will give you all kinds of options, which you will almost certainly start thinking of as soon as you can average the temperatures. :wink: Things like doing it differently depending on who is home, or time of day, or weekday versus weekend, etc.

Set up is complex, but there are lots of community members will be glad to help you create the rules you need. :sunglasses:

Nest manager will do this “out of the box” when you install it. Just enable the automation called “remote sensor” in Nest Manager.


Or ecobee3. So far been the best thermostat I have had and I have tried most.

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Sorry, I missed that you had a nest thermostat. In that case, definitely nest manager for this, you won’t need core. :sunglasses:

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Thanks everyone, I’m going to give the Nest manager a try.