SmartApp public key

I have created a self hosted NodeJS SmartApp. I’ve configured the SmartApp and the webhook and it is talking to my app. The app is verified but I don’t know where I can find the public key. Whenever I try to use my smart app on my phone I get an error. I debugged through and in authorizer.js it is failing on httpSignature.verifySignature (Forbidden - failed verifySignature). I assume that is because I don’t have the public key but I can’t figure out where I should get that from. When I view my smart app in the developer workspace I don’t see it anywhere. What am I missing?

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I deployed my same code in glitch and it appears to work - I’m guessing the problem is with me using nginx.

Looks like someone else ran into this issue:

Is there any reason why it would not authenticate through nginx?