Smartapp - Making API Calls Outside of an EVENT Handler

I’d like to implement a method on my smartapp to return the ‘Smartapp token type rules’

‘Making API Calls Outside of an EVENT Handler’
The documentation around this only talks about how to get the tokens (which I understand I think).

However, once I have the tokens I am struggling to know what to do next to be able to call the Rules API .

Is there any examples, code, or other documentation that might help?

Hi, @Davec!

So, you’re saying you need to get those tokens from other functions, instead of when you receive an event, right?
Saving the SmartApp context should help you out, here are some examples:

Please, let me know if you have any questions.

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Thanks…I actually managed to cobble something together using the core sdk directly with the token I got from the smartapp, , I suppose I thought there would be something cleverer

Your links are helpful though, as I hadn’t addressed storage of the token