Smart Water Pressure Switch

Not a specific Smartthings topic but does anyone know of a “Smart” water pressure switch? There are industrial devices specifically for the water authorities but these are prohibitively expensive and complicated. I need a device to warn of low pressure in a pressurised heating system. it is mainly for remote monitoring so we are warned before the boilers lock out and get complaints that the heating doesn’t come on. I have found a low pressure pressure switch, 1 - 3 bar and thought about connecting this across the reed relay terminals in a door/window sensor or other suitable device. Ideally wifi so it works with Smart Life or similar app and or notification by text or email if the system works with IOT.
Any suggestions gladly received

This is the way I would go, not having any knowledge of a specific smart sensor for this application. I use this style for work and they seem to be reliable - since you’re talking bars I’m guessing you’re in UK/Europe and the one you already identified is probably more readily available. The signal goes high when the pressure drops, so you would probably need to look for a closed status on your sensor instead of open to trigger the alert.


Thanks MarkTr. Yes I am in the UK and these things are readily available on eBay for about $15. They are made to fit in boilers so are used by manufacturers to lock out the boiler when the pressure is low. I need to adjust one to a slightly a higher trigger pressure than the one fitted in the boiler so I am notified before the integrated one trips the boiler.
Which window/door device do you use? Do you rely on notifications from the app or does it work with IFTT and send an sms or email? Many thanks

I’m not actively using one with ST so can’t answer most of those directly. On my cobbled-together external sensor (water level for Christmas tree), I’m using the auxiliary contacts on a WADWAZ-1 sensor to wire it to the input. For my similar alerts for doors left open, etc. I’m just using the in-app notifications and it usually works well enough for me.