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Smart Wall Switches for Harmony Elite/Alexa

They gave you the SKU , not the model number. Tell them you need the model number.

Yep you’re right they got back to me saying the model number was the P-BDG-PKG1W which is the right one.

With 15% off gets it down to $85 but still $10 cheaper on eBay.

EBay May not have the same returns policy, though. And many electronics manufacturers will not honor the warranty for anything bought on eBay, because they treat them all is being used rather than new. So just something to be aware of.

Thanks JD in the process now of finding out Lutron’s policy on eBay.

What do you think of this model # LUTRON P-BDG-PKG2W-A that Amazon is selling

This model has two switches but not the stands which makes it a little cheaper. Bottom line it does not appear as one of the starter kits on Caseta Wireless website? Is this legit?

Should be legit, Amazon is an authorized seller for Lutron. That may be a package Lutron made up just for Amazon. You could always verify it with Lutron customer service if you like. :sunglasses:

Thanks you’re probably right I bet they have a kit just for Amazon since I’m not seeing it anywhere else. I may email Lutron again but they’re probably getting tired of my email questions.Lol

Apparently that particular package does get discounted ocassionally because it was at a really good price back in April.

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A few minutes ago I got this from Lutron:

Thank you for your response. Lutron normally does not honor warranties for product that are not purchased direct from Lutron or one of our distributors.

Unfortunately, since many of Ebay products are resold by end users we cannot guarantee a warranty on Ebay products.

In this case, since sellers on eBay are most likely not authorize distributors of our products and we don’t truly know the condition of the products you are receiving this can be difficult to issue warranties. In this case, I would suggest looking into the date codes of the product you are looking to purchase. Our date codes are alphanumeric and located on the metal heat sink to the left of the bottom screw hole.

Here is our date code breakdown.
Year + Week Date Code System
1993 through 2016: Year Character Left

A01 = The unit was manufactured during the 1st week of “A” = 1993.

2017 through 2040: Year Character Center

5W0 = The unit was manufactured during the 50th week of “W” = 2037.

At this point, we could issue warranty replacements for any product that starts with Z followed by two numbers, manufactured in 2016. If you have a date code with an A in the middle, it would have been manufactured this year (2017)

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Lutron Technical Support, anytime, 24/7.

Thank you,


I think that’s pretty typical. Aeon Labs takes essentially the same position. But if you buy the product at Amazon and it is actually being sold by Amazon, that is an authorized seller channel. Same with Best Buy, Lowes, and Home Depot.

I didn’t see on that list but they are an authorized dealer? is now owned by Walmart, but a lot of their items are dropshipped from other retailers. Again, check with Lutron customer support to be sure.

JD (or anyone else) would like your opinion on this. We have an older house that has all light almond or ivory switches & receptacles. The hallways, stairwell, and main room in the basement are all painted a cream or off white color. All other rooms in the house are painted their own color scheme.

I guess ideally if you wanted to match up new Caseta switches with what you have now you would just buy everything individually Hub (color doesn’t matter), Dimmers, Pico’s, etc. but that’s quite a bit more expensive.

I should say I’m the furthest thing from an electrician so will need to have someone install anything I get. At the top of my stairs are 3 switches… one 3-way for basement, one 3-way for kitchen, & one switch for light at top of the stairs. I’m needing a face plate that has a rocker centered between to toggle switches which are hard to find. I found one here but looks to be metal which is kind of overkill. It does come in white or ivory but a plastic face plate would be ideal if I could find one.

Taking in account the switches at the top of the stairs not being replaced will be ivory, wall being cream colored, and the Caseta switches in the kit are white… which do you think would look better, or at least a good compromise?

  1. New white face plate covering the two ivory switches & new white Caseta dimmer.
  2. New Ivory face plate covering the two ivory switches & new white Caseta dimmer.
  3. Replace the two ivory switches with white, new white face plate, & new white Caseta dimmer.

I would think number three, but I’ve also found that people’s aesthetics vary a lot. What one person thinks looks great another person thinks looks awful, and vice versa. So you really have to go by your own taste for this kind of decision. :sunglasses:

Thanks for your opinion but I’m terrible at deciding what colors look good or are acceptable together.

These Caseta dimmer switches just fit right in existing boxes with no bracket or anything correct?

Lutron Caseta are probably the easiest mains powered switches to install. They even have a patented methodology which means it doesn’t matter which attachment is for line and load. They have an excellent installation video on their support page you can take a look at, it very clearly shows the process. :sunglasses:

Wow those are great videos thanks!

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Just a follow-up last Black Friday I did purchase a Caseta Wireless Kit from Amazon which included a hub and two Dimmer Switches (PD-6WCL) and two Pico Remotes. I also bought one more Dimmer Switch. I’m on a budget and had to replace a refrigerator & microwave in the last few months so never got around to having them installed but getting closer now.

From the very beginning I never had any use for Dimmer Switches just needed ON/OFF capability but since the kit came with Dimmer Switches didn’t think it made any difference. I also remembered from my thread you said you used PD-6ANS switches because you liked the look of them better.

Couple days ago I posted a question on Amazon: “When using strictly as an on/off switch do most prefer the pd-6ans over the pd-6wcl because of the larger buttons?”

Lutron tech Support responded:
“The PD-6WCL could not be used as an on/off switch as it is always sending a dimming signal, no matter where the dimmer is set to. It is recommended that only the PD-6ANS would be used for switching on/off.” The PD-6WCLs are strictly dimmers and could not be used for switching only applications. Only the PD-6ANS or PD-5WS-DV should be used for switching applications."

I did call them saying I had bought all these dimmer switches and could I possibly switch them out and as a courtesy did agree to swap one PD-6WCL for a PD-6ANS.

I understand Lutron’s philosophy that you should always use the right switch for the right situation but I still don’t quite understand why you can’t use a Dimmer switch as an On/OFF switch. The top & bottom buttons work as ON/OFF buttons (I believe) and so what if it always has current going through it. Am I missing something?