Smart Things has lost it's credibility as a developer friendly platform

A very frustrating issue for me is the Lack of Camera Support for this hub. Only supporting Nest, D-Link, and a single Samsung model is pretty ridiculous. I am wondering how much Smart Things/Samsung has vested in this relationship with D-Link and nest, and why they refuse to open up capabilities to developers to allow other integrations. It seems to me Smart Things has gone the corporate route and decided to protect contracts with other corporations instead of truly having an open platform that developers can mold into a great system.

It seems to me that if they open access to developers they most likely will violate contracts with Nest and D-Link, and that is more important to their pockets than having a fully capable hub.

I believe that any ip camera with an exposed URL can be made to interface with SmartThings, to some extent.

If you read through PStuart’s posts in other threads, you’ll see he had many problems with the lack of documentation and with the incompleteness and inaccuracy of what little is there. It just doesn’t work well.

I don’t agree with Ryan though that they’re protecting their own investment; I think instead they’re overwhelmed and a bit incompetent. Plus Ryan wants “fully open”, by which he presumably means “open source”, which isn’t really necessary if only Samsung/SmartThings would fix the current APIs and document stuff better.

Some examples:

  • Why can I see a HubAction sending data, and see data being returned (watched via packetsniffer), but Parse() is not called?
  • How does one point Tiles at more representative icons?
  • Why can’t Actions support parameters? It’s beyond stupid that a typical device command (i.e. deviceNofitication.Notify or speechSynthesis.Speak) take a parameter, but that you cannot pass it one from the Action of a standardTile…
  • Only supported Capability Attributes are supported; when will they allow extension of events to support more?
  • If you’re writing a real custom Device Driver (as LANdroid is), your SmartApp still is constrained to looking for legacy device types… which means having to choose a non-representative type and risk the SmartApp being connected to an insufficient device. Why?
  • There’s no list of types supported by Device Preferences; the documentation is still officially incomplete. Why? How hard could this be?
  • Why isn’t cloud storage or local storage documented at all at this point?

Too much of the effort in supporting SmartThings is in trying to get capabilities tied to methods or data back from calls or to determine the magical incantation to get something to work.

But, on the other hand, this little hub only cost $99 and does a lot for that. I can be a bit frustrated and still, over all, consider it fun and a decent value. Ryan, it’s not like there are competitive better values. (Says the author of a popular plug-in for HomeSeer years ago. :wink: )


Are we talking about Smartthings here? Maybe you know something that wasn’t made public, yet. But last time I checked there was support for only D-link and single Samsung cam…

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You do realise this functionality is completely beta right now and not completely official… It’s like judging the performance of the USB ports on the hub when they are not even enabled yet…

Re read my post, I mentioned both.

Beta for whom? Who is performing this Beta testing? Why not allow developers to test it???

Well Said, My frustration lies in the fact that the Hub has decreased in capabilities and reliability since V2 release.

Beta for anyone, anyone can use the video function on the V2 hub right now, but since it’s only beta and not officially released yet, there are only a handful of cameras right now, I’m sure they are working on more.

Regardless, it’s a feature that’s not official yet so we can’t have any expectations of it.

I did, and you also mentioned Nest, which is what I was pointing out…

Nest cameras and Dropcams are not supported for the video functionality.

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In response to Patrick Stuart’s Generic Camera Device, “Captain I believe you have earned a promotion and will henceforth be known as ‘Major Scruffy’”