Smart things compatible amplifier or other basic speaker solutions

Hi, I’ve done a lot of searching and haven’t been able to quite figure out the best way to tackle this project.

I want to have a smart switch stop/start white noise played through an in-ceiling unpowered speaker in my bathroom. Is there an inexpensive amplifier that would allow me to play a specific song file when the smart switch is turned on?

The goal is to generate noise to mask bathroom activities similar to what an exhaust fan would accomplish (ignoring the primary functions of an exhaust fan). There is no shower, bath, or humidity concerns in this bathroom, so I don’t want to install and vent an exhaust fan.

In my mind, I can envision a basic unpowered in-ceiling speaker that I drive with an simple amplifier. However, I’m struggling to close the loop on how to control this amplifier with smart things or webcore. Do I need one more device like an old android phone or tablet to drive the amplifier? Is there a more elegant solution I’m missing?

Thanks in advance.

Echo Input or an Echo Dot to a cheap Amp to power the Speaker should do the trick. You can then use EchoSpeaks and webCoRE to tie it all in.

I have a lot of Echo Dots connected to various audio devices (Soundbar, AVR, HTIB, etc.) works great!

Here’s an example of when I double tap up on a Switch, under set conditions, a Flash Briefing plays on an Echo.

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