Smart Switches showing up individually in wifi?

Hey all. As i understood, one of the benefits of the smartthings hub is that its a central unit for the devices so you dont have 40 devices all on your wireless network individually. Maybe i was wrong about that?

If i’m not, then i’m noticing that my Kasa Smart Switches, despite being set up and linked to the hub, show up individually. This is not the case with things like sensors, bulbs, deadbolts, etc.

Anything i can do to change that?

The smartthings hub serves as a central coordinator for zigbee devices or Z wave devices. Not WiFi devices.

Wi-Fi devices continue to connect individually to your Wi-Fi network and then either to their own cloud or to the smartthings cloud depending on the specific brand and model.

I believe the Kasa integration is cloud to cloud. But in any case, Wi-Fi devices are not offloaded in any way.

If you use zigbee or Z wave light switches which are connected directly to your hub, they will not put any load on your Wi-Fi network.

I assume that the locks and sensors that you have are also either zigbee or Z wave. That’s why they are not showing up as Wi-Fi devices: they are not Wi-Fi devices.

So as always, the first rule of home automation applies: “the model number matters.“ Some devices can connect directly to the hub, but other devices, like your Kasa switches, use your Wi-Fi to reach the Internet and then to the appropriate cloud.