Smart Switch for Light/Fan Connection

Hi there!

Noob here!

I am trying to figure out the best way to configure light switches in 2 of my bathrooms. My home is a tad on the older side and in 2 of our bathrooms the toggle light switch is also the fan for the bathroom. There is no way to turn on the lights without turning on the fan and no way to turn on the fan without turning on the lights. In one of these bathrooms the switch is like a paddle only its small like a toggle and it’s also connected to an outlet all the size of one standard toggle switch. Normally I wouldn’t bother with changing the switches in these rooms since I am not anything close to an expert in these things, but both of these rooms are notorious for getting lights left on.

Any ideas or should I just call a pro?

There are too many factors to guess how yours is wired. There are solutions that will work. But if you are not comfortable working with Power you need to contact a professional.