Smart Register Booster Fan?

There are a number of “smart” registers out there, but they just open and close the vent.

Are there any register booster fans out there that will connect to SmartThings? Whomever designed the HVAC in our house is a god awful job on our office - it is blazing hot in the summer, tolerable in the winter. A booster fan would do wonders.

If not, I could always buy a dumb booster fan and put it on a smart switch, with WebCore monitoring my Nest to activate when the blower motor kicks on and turn off a little while after (want to get that residual heat/cold out of the vent).

Guess I just want to know if there is a product that meets my needs as an all-in-one solution before I put together something myself.

I purchased a couple of booster fans but didn’t see a difference. I was going to use the same logic as you with webCoRE. However, the ones that I purchased had sensors on them and turn on/off based on airflow.

  1. rebalance dampers (registers). Pay somebody. Maybe the same guy can pick a faster winding on your blower - usually won’t fix #3.

  2. insulate, reflect heat away from windows - can dramatically increase the temperature at the window, like warp the trim if you do it wrong.

  3. boosters often don’t work - crappy long small duct runs. Solved either by zone HVAC in the distant zone or larger ductwork and blower.

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