Smart radiator valves

I am trying to use smart radiator to control my central heating which in turn will call on or off a pump
I have tried the following scenes is there anything wrong with these?

If valve 1 current temp < 20c then run switch to turn on pump

If valve 2 current temp <20c then run switch to turn on pump

There are 5 valves all told and the scene is run in the if any calls then turn on pump.

To turn off the pump a new scene similar to the one above eg

If valve 1 current temperature > 21c then turn off switch

Ditto valve 2 etc

This scene is run in the if all cases are met.

These scenes dont seem to work well is there a fundamental error or should i be using one of the other options on the valve eg set temperature

Brand and model of the smart valves?

From Aliexpress model HY36xRT