Smart Monitor M8: Change Source with Smartthings Automation?

Dear all,

anyone has an idea, how to solve this little issue, that I am not able to pick any other source within a Smartthings Automation/Routine?

My M8 Monitor is fully installed within Smartthings and I am also able to use my Galaxy Phone as a monitor remote as well and change to any source available there.

BUT, if I try to make a routine with which I want to switch the monitor source to another one (and both are online and available!), Smartthings only offers me one source (“GamesPC”) to toggle. I can not choose another source there.

GamesPC is connected via Mini-HDMI and “Mac” is connected via USB-C. (The only both hardware input slots on the back of this monitor!)

“Quelle wechseln” in the screenshot means “Change source”

Android Phone App / ST Hub / M8 Monitor all have updated firmware.

…and, sure, I got a Monitor remote as well. But changing sources with this Samsung remote is a pain and needs time and patience…