Can SmartThings change source of a MS650 based on TV source change?

I have a new 55q90 TV connected to a MS650 soundbar via hdmi. The TV doesn’t do a good job controlling the soundbar. I needed to use the Integrated SmartThings automation (no hub) to get the soundbar to turn on when the TV turned on. Sometimes when I switch source on the TV, the soundbar doesn’t switch source automatically (sometimes it does though). Does anyone know if I buy a SmartThings hub, do I get an option to automate soundbar input based on the TV input?


no, the hub will make no difference since those devices connect directly to the SmartThings cloud.

I have solved this issue now. I had my Sky box plugged into the MS650 soundbar and the soundbar into the TV via the Arc port. I have now switched this to have the Sky box plugged directly to the TV instead. So now the sound/picture is delivered to the TV from the Skybox and the TV sends the sound via the Arc channel to the soundbar. This also sorted out issues I was having with the universal remote as I can now control the Sky plus box with the small Samsung one remote. All works great now.