Smart Lock Guest Access - Where is it?

I am based in the UK and cannot for the life of me find this app in classic or the new app. I have a Yale lock already connected and just want to be able to change or update codes remotely. Thanks

As I know, that is available only in the US.

Look at @RBoy’s LUM here:

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Thank you, was trying to avoid that option is it is quiet expensive. But thanks

Believe me, @RBoy’s apps worth each dollar. He has plenty useful solutions and he does support them as well and adds features continuously.

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Samsung are pressurising to MIGRATE NOW to the ‘new’ SmartThings app , - so where is "Smart Lock Guest Access " for the UK. ? Still no sign of it.
Are we simply supposed to be locked out of our homes , or maybe we should just leave our doors permanently unlocked, !?

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Same here in Canada. I’m still using the classic app in parallel to manage my codes, but now that sunset is scheduled, I would like to know why Samsung is still limiting this basic functionality to the US only. I don’t own an Airbnb, so it is not worth spending for the LUM app in my case.


I finally got a response from ST Support (UK), - bottom line is that they can’t be arsed to develop Smart Lock Guest Access for their massive markets outside the US and can’t tell me when they will!
Wish I’d known about their attitude to second class users before I spent a damn fortune on ST Hub and Devices! :rage:

This appears to have disappeared for me in the US. I saw a facebook post with someone else who noticed the same thing. Anyone know whats going on?

There’s a new problem this week affecting a number of members. See the following thread which includes some information from a staff member:

Smart lock guest access stopped working and now i cant delete user codes issued to guests