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So, I had some time and built out a new version of the app…I haven’t had a chance to test it, but it should work. This includes your request. When you choose ‘Trigger on once per day…’ a new option will appear titled: ‘Trigger off once per day…’ This should give you what you need.

Here is what you need. First the parent app. Save and publish it like any other app:

Then, use this code for the child scenarios. Save it in the IDE, but DO NOT PUBLISH IT:

I will test this tonight in my home, but feedback anything you find.

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You sir - Have my gratitude! and I owe you one!

Test it first before you write me a check :wink:

Ok - Just come across the first issue - I’m not seeing the “off once a day” tick box thing displayed?

EDIT: Ignore me! I didn’t publish it correctly! Works jut fine! :smile:

Cool…the option only pops up if you select the On toggle first.

FYI…made a small modification to the child app…Copy/Paste it into the SCENARIO code and SAVE…DO NOT PUBLISH. NO major changes were made…just removed a couple pieces that were no longer needed and will now show the version number within the child app (at the bottom).

@MichaelS - Can I make a feature request to your app? It’s what I use to control all my lighting, and its great! However, after adding a few more colored lights this evening, I was hoping I could request the following feature?

We have the ability to set a dimmer “off” level? Well I was hoping to be able to change the colored lights color when dimmed?

For example - when “on” I want it to be bright white, but when “off” and level is set to 20% I would like that dimmed color to be orange…?

Is this a difficult feature to add?

Interesting idea…I think that would be a rather easy change…let me spend a day or two thinking about it and see what I can do. Like last time, it might be easier than I anticipate and I might be able to do it rather quick.

Stand by…

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You sir are a legend

This is exactly the functionality I’ve been looking for. I want to turn on my back door and flood lights when I arrive home when it’s dark, but for them only to stay on for 5 minutes and then go off automatically.

I have a work-around, but it’s not perfect. I am using “Gentle Wake Up”, that these lights are set to “dim” from 100% to 100% for 5 minutes when entering Home mode and the completion action is to turn off the same lights. It works, but it’s not limited to when it’s dark out. The lights go on anytime I arrive home. Also, the lights go on in the morning when it switches from Night to Home mode.

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Just looked at the code…this is rather easy (famous last words)…I may have something cooked up before Sunday.


@MichaelS strikes again! :wink:

Just a suggestion, but wouldn’t it make sense to split off into a new thread for this third-party version, since there’s been a lot of posts that aren’t really about feature requests for the official Smart Lights feature?

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I tend to agree…creating one now…

Definitely agree with this request. Another problem with the current setup is that I’d like to set both my Hue Color bulbs and Hue Lightstrips to the color blue, but–for whatever reason–sending “blue” to the bulbs turns them a shade of purple, while sending “blue” to the Lightstrips turns them pure blue. I could correct this issue if I could send actual color values instead of presets like “blue,” “green,” etc.

I agree that more control over the color would be great, but this is primarily a limitation of the color gamut of the Hue bulbs. The Hue bulbs don’t do blue or green very well. The below image shows the various Hue color gamuts. Hue bulbs use gamut B (red triangle). Lightstrips are gamut A (black) and new Lightstrips Plus use gamut C (blue). The color presets set the Hue to the same location around the edge of the triangle, so you can see how for blue and green the Hue bulb will never look as blue/green as the Lightstrip for the same setting.

I can actually bring the hue of the bulbs much, much closer to the hue of the lightstrips by manually adjusting the bulbs’ hue using the Hue app. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I’m using the 2.0 bulbs? Not sure, but it’s tough for me to distinguish between the shades once I manually adjust them, but very easy to distinguish them when they’re both set using the preset; again, the bulbs are distinctly purple with the ‘blue’ preset.

Unfortunately the 2.0 bulbs still use the smaller gamut B. It’s possible the Philips app does some adjustments to the values sent to the bulbs vs lightstrips to better sync them up based on a color selection in the app. There are also several conversions that take place (0-100 from ST converts to 0-255 hue values which converts to a location along each triangle that is different shape/size), which probably plays a role. I should have mentioned that in my previous comment.

The disparity in available colors is greater in the green and aqua sections where the Hue bulbs will be very yellowish-green vs a deep true green from the Lightstrips.

Has a new thread been made for arrival lights only when dark?

I took the thread for my app to the individuals asking for revisions, leaving this thread for official discussion.