Smart Lights - Feature Requests

Is that from the Lights & Switches dashboard? I use to use that as well until Smart Lighting added this functionality in lighting automation.

Also, many ST users don’t have that dashboard.

Yes sir it is. Maybe there is a V1 / V2 thing going on…doesn’t make sense to me.

I would really like to do this with presence instead of motion. Something like, turn on hall light when someone arrives home, and then turn off 5 minutes later. Or two separate actions, one being turn on a light when someone arrives home, and a separate action that turns the light off when someone arrives home, with a 5 minute delay before turning the light off. Looks like it is either only for motion right now, or not supported for the Cree bulb that I am using.

Got it, unfortunately the x minute delay isn’t available for your scenario. It’s not because of the bulb, but instead something ST needs to change.

Hey guys, I’m looking for some suggestions and advice on how to configure this scenario.
Currently I have my hallway lights configured so that they turn on when the laundry room door opens and turned off after 1 minute of the door closing.
There are times when I want the hallway lights to stay ON (usually manually triggered on the switch itself). The issue is that when that laundry room door opens and close, it turns the hallway lights off.
Same with my patio lights, it turns on and off triggered by the patio sliding door. However there are times when I want the lights to just stay ON say when we are outside.

Is there a way to have one rule override the other? Or however I can “solve” this issue, please let me know, I would really appreciate it. Thank you!!

Not in smart lights that I know of, but at @bravenel has done this for at least three or four different use cases. He’s a grandmaster of sensors and lights control. Including overrides. :sunglasses:

Start with the following:

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I would really like to be able to turn on with motion if certain switches are off. I have motion and switches in all rooms but not Lux. It would be great to say turn on with motion if all l are off between sunrise and sunset.

You may be able to do what you want with this very nice SmartApp:


Yea, you can for sure do that with smart rules

I downloaded this yesterday. Thanks this is exactly what I was looking for and couldn’t figure out why SmartThings hadn’t released something like this

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Hello mate I have been messing around with the following smartapp which works really well for me.

However I’ve come across a problem. If I slide the bar to say only run once a day, it just raises the lights that first time, but never dims them down after? However what I want is:

  • Walk in the room first thing > Lights go to 100%
  • After 2 minutes of no activity, dim down to 40% but never run again, while in the time restricting configured

Is this feature meant to happen or is this just a bug?

walk in the room first thing

How about adding 1% to the enum field for the setLevel options? I don’t know about anyone else, but every dimmable LED bulb I’ve got has a huge difference between 1% and 10%, and then the other intervals seem reasonably spaced out.

1% is what I need to use for a “night light” setting in hallways and bathrooms and I’d prefer to be able to do it via the built-in (and local!) SmartApp rather than my own custom (and decidedly less-local) app.

Surely this can fall into the category of a quick and easy change… if not, though, I’d be happy to write the 1-line PR. Just toss me a copy of the source. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good call…I will be re-examing this app next month to allow for more slots and optimizations like this…I will test the issue brought up by Deano this weekend.

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Oh, sorry. I thought this thread was for the ST Smart Lighting SmartApp.

< backs slowly out of the thread>

I actually looked at the code and what you described is actually the expected behavior. However, since we now know that I can either add a toggle to ensure the full sequence goes on (on setting, then off).

The way I currently do this is set a specific time during the day where it sets it to a minimal number (outside of this app), and then the app reacts only when someone enters the room. What is the use case where you would want the sequence to only happen once (which, could be set up in the Smart Lighting app.)?

Thank you for taking the time to get back to me and for investigating the code in the speed you did.

I’m glad you managed to identify what I was talking about, I was affraid my description was quiet poor.

The use case for the full on off cycle to complete is as follows:
I have 3 lighting scenarios set up - Day Lights, Evening Lights and Night Lights.
Day Lights does the following, lights come on when motion is detected to 100%, then its meant to go back down when motion stops for 3 minutes (giving the person time to open the blinds and let day light in) - here I have the toggle selected to only run once as one the first time has past and the blinds are open I don’t need it to run again, evening lights kicks in for the evening, I have the same kind of setup however a longer no motion time as well as can activate as many times as it needs. Night lights is the key one however, after 9PM the kids are in bed me and the wife just want to chill, so we want the lights to come on full first thing (putting kids to bed, sorting them out) and then 5 minutes of no motion (kids in bed, me and the wife chilling on the sofa) the lights dim to 40% and then stay there.

The use case is for that toggle for my day Lights and Night Lights ones and I only need them to run one, but I need the full on off cycle for it to have the desired effect.

Theres also another here too… The wife wants it that way… Well now I’ve gotta try :smile:

The last one (the WAF, or wife acceptance factor) is very important :smile:

If this can wait a couple weeks I will be redesigning the app to give you more slots and I can examine how to do something as you described.

Thank you! Yes please - After trying to persevere for the last few days its evident that the Mrs is getting a bit miffed with the way it is currently set.

I really appreciate it!

Ok…I will work on it hopefully in December. I have the framework and just need to come up with some code for your use case.

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