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I picked up the Smart Things proximity sensor and set it up with the Mobile App and setup the room using the Smart Lighting Smart App. The lowest dim level is 10%. I need it to be at 1% or the GE Wink bulb is way to bright for the room. Can I edit the Smart Light App to change the values from 10%, 20%, 30% 40%, to 1%, 2%, 4%? I can edit other smart apps. That app does not show up to edit.

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No, unfortunately you’re stuck with those 10% increments in Smart Lights, and as far as I know ST has not shared the source code for us to modify. There are many here, including me, who could whip up a little app to do that function and allow increments of 1%. I’ve never understood why ST insists on 10% increments, when entering a number is easier and allows what you want to do.


I found a solution. in the ‘Smart Light’ smart app you can tell it to ‘turn on’ or ‘turn on at a level’ If I choose ‘turn on’ it turns it to the last known dim level. I have it set for 1% and it turns on when there is motion to 1%.

Yes - there is some functionality I’m keen to add to Smart Lighting as well, if they release the source on GitHub.

They’ve stated (during one of the online developer catchups) that they will be releasing the Smart Home Monitor source code, but I’ve not heard anything about Smart Lighting.

@Ben - can you shed any light on this? (ok - pun kinda intended there :imp: ) Any idea when the Smart Home Monitoring source code will be available and whether we’ll be able to see (and contribute to) the Smart Lighting code?

Checking on timeframe for this, but it is more complicated than it seems. We have to enable HTML5 for 3rd parties, and enable the submission and publication of these sorts of “solution modules”.

I’ve been waiting for more information on the availability of the source code for the Smart Lighting smartapp.

There is at least one bug (dimmer levels using GE Link Bulbs are not set correctly) that should be easily fixed given the availability of the source code. I have written my own smartapp to replace the few use cases where the current “Smart Lighting” is failing me; however, it does not have the parent/child relationship exhibited by the official smartapp.

It has been over 6 weeks since your last statement regarding the timeframe on source code release. I understand that the “Home Monitoring” app is a different beast (solution module) than normal smartapps, but, is the Smart Lighting smartapp that much different than normal published smartapps?

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