Smart Lighting: set plugs to match dim level of dimmer switch

Hi, I’m new to ST. First post. Sorry if this has been asked before or I’m posting in the wrong place. I tried searching but nothing came up.

I have a 3 lights each with its own smart dimmer plug (the GE z-wave plus ones) and a GE dimmer switch (also a z-wave plus). The switch physically isn’t connected to anything. I want to control the 3 lights with the switch. Specifically, I want to be able to control both the on/off state as well as the dim level of all 3 lights from the switch. Ideally, everything would work locally. If I can only get on/off state locally, and I need internet for dimming, I can probably live with that.

With the supplied Smart Lighting app, I’m able to have the lights turn on/off when the switch was on/off. However, when I include “set level”, I’m only able to set a static value. I instead want the value to be derived from the switch’s value.

I saw some posts that said CoRE could do this. That’s cool and all, but AFAIK, CoRE requires internet access. I’d like make this LAN-only. Alternatively, as a consolation, is it possible to set CoRE to only handle the level changes on switches, and have Smart Lighting control on/off state?

bump! please help

Yes. You can use Smart Lighting for on/off and WebCore for dimming. Search for WebCore community for more help with setting up a piston (rule).

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