Smart Lighting random for though night - how?

I have some smart bulbs and want to get some random switching for security through the night.

I have the “Smart Lighting” smartapp but you have to set a switch on and off time. This is fine as I’ve also choose for it only when I’m in night mode, but I’m after a more random time.

Is there an app or easy way to do this?

There is a smart app called vacation lighting director.
It does work for me but if you read through this forum some people find it a bit ‘flakey’.
Give it a try…
You can get it through the Marketplace, lighting.
Should see it listed.


Ok thanks for that I’ll have a look. When you say flaky, it didn’t work sometimes? That’s a problem, especially if stays on when shouldn’t?

I have not had issues with it.
Some people have.
Me being me, I have also set up rules using Smart Lighting that turn my downstairs and upstairs Hall Lights on and off at different times when I am away. (In parallel with Vacation Lighting Director)
If someone took the time to sit outside my house for a number of days they would probably work it out!!!