Smart Lighting Hub Offline Restriction

Not even sure who to tag (this has probably been brought up before), but is there any chance that a restriction will ever be added to SmartLighting to give us the ability to run only when the Hub is offline?

I’ve actually been able to get most of my lighting set up locally, but I have one room that is a little trickier. I have rules for it set up in WebCoRE, and it would be great if I could set up a secondary rule in SmartLighting that would only run when the hub is offline. Last night a storm knocked out my internet for a few minutes, and the light on my hub turned blue. That means on some level it recognizes that it’s offline, so I’d think this would be possible…

I’d think about some heartbeat signal from webcore to SmartLighting. If no change happened to a Simulated Switch in the last 10 minutes, then the link must be down. Any shorter interval than that, seems like noise.

Usually when I feel like something is tricky, it means that I’m making it too complicated.

I probably am, but I’ve had it working the way I want for months… Mostly, it’s just that I have two separate contacts and a switch that I’m trying to monitor to determine how the room reacts. I feel like trying to figure out how to recreate it in SmartLighting would end up more complicated than it already is.

How would a heartbeat signal work for SmartLighting? I like the idea, but I’m not sure how to go about implementing it.