Smart lighting app broken "something went wrong, please install the smart app again"

as of today the smart lighting app is broken. when i go into it i see the lighting automations, but when i try to edit a lighting automation, i get a “something went went wrong, please try to install the smartapp again” popup and can only click OK.

anyone else having this problem?

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yes… I am seeing it. It happened a couple of weeks ago as well. Don’t do anything… just report the issue to ST support.

don’t uninstall the app or you will lose all your rules. just be patient :slight_smile:

Did ST Support help fix it? I have same issue and installed my app before reading this, and still same issue. Cannot add any new lighting automations. Lost all my old rules too.

Same problem here.

Don’t do anything to your app.

Just report to the tech support and wait. But their support sucks.

Good luck.

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exactly my situation :frowning: all smarlight deleted ;(

Just wanted to add I am having the same problem. None of might Smart Lighting items are running. Exchanging emails with support. Hopefully this can be fixed.

On a side note, I fed my dog (contact on food container) and it triggered my smoke alarm…that was odd. SmartThings a little buggy this week! Good laugh though

Mine started working again, then not. It seems to be better the last few days, so no idea what’s going on.