Smart light - an unexpected error occured


i have a hue bulb installed and connected with my hub. everything is good.
but however when i tried to put a smart lights smart app, it shows me: “an unexpected error occurred”

anyone knows what’s goin on? and how to solve it?


I am getting the same thing the last 2 hours. Server problem I guess. I reported to support and you should too so they can get on it.

yeah sure, contacting them :smile:

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I am also having this same problem. Emailed support a few hours ago. No response yet. Only seems to happen with Smart Light smart app.

I also ran into this same problem, I never got an error message but basically the Smart Light app doesn’t work.

I am also having the same problem. I have the V2 hub, and just got a few new sensors/switches I need to configure :frowning:

Support responded to this issue with the following message (sounds odd that this is a performance issue):

Thanks for reaching out. It sounds like you may be running into some performance issues we’re hoping to address with a platform update set for late in the day on Wednesday (9/30/2015). I’m hopeful it will clear up what you’re seeing. We’ll absolutely do our best to get you taken care of if that’s not the case of course, but for now do you think you can sit tight, and follow up later in the week if you’re still having trouble? Again, one way or another we’ll make sure things are working for you as expected, I really think the upgrade might help.

Thanks for working with us,

SmartThings Support

I’m still having error here… how bout there?

Thursday morning: the error is still present.

Just got my v2 hub yesterday and I am having the same issue. No way to use Smart Lights, which is a major part of why I bought it.

Same issue here on a note 3. Started happening Wed evening.

There is supposed to be only one instance of smart lighting installed.
When you need to add another lighting automation, you do not go back to market place and install another smart lighting instance, you go to your 4 square page, then select smart apps, then smart lighting, then “new lighting automation”

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Mike, the problem is a different one. The system does not allow us to install the app. As soon as we click on the link to install it, we are getting an error message. It does not work with the old or with the new hub.

I just started a new thread…but maybe this is the same thing. All of my lights/switches (various brands) aren’t working this morning. All other devices appear ok.

I found the same problem with no Smart Lights app available when migrating to my new V2 hub. I found the Lighting Director App which was able to reproduce a lot of what I wanted.

Mike is right. Followed his direction and I can install another instance from the old smart light instance.

The concept being used here is a bit new.
It’s a parent/child smartApp.
The parent is Smart Lighting, installed from the Market place.
Within the parent App, clicking “New Lighting Automation”, creates a separate child smartApp with the name being suggestively set for you when the automation configuration is completed.
The child apps can be managed/changed/viewed collectively in the parent app, or can be modified individually by selecting the details view of a “thing”, then selecting the smartApps tab. There you will see the childApp(s) that are using that specific “thing”
To create a new childApp, you open the parent “Smart Lighting” app in your things/smartApps page, then select “New Lighting Automation”.

Mike, not sure I understand you. I go to the marketplace to install “Smart Lights” for the first time. And that is when I get the error message. I am not able to install this app from the Market place. This is happening on all my accounts regardless of V1 or V2 hub.

Yea, two separate issues. I don’t know what’s going on with the initial install problem.
I was trying to clarify how the thing works after you get it installed.

Yeah this is work only when you have your 1st smart light installed, otherwise… up to now, you cant get the first smart light installed…