Smart home monitoring when leaving and when coming home automatically?


I love my smarthings so far but I cannot seem to sort out how to get smart home monitoring to automatically start when i announce I am leaving or I announce I am home. Can someone help me?

Thanks in Advance!

Presuming you’re using the Classic app, use a Routine to set the SHM to Armed. There is a section in the routine to "Automatically perform when . . "

I’ve used that for a while in the Classic App. Worked rather well for quite a while. Lately, even with my phone sitting on the counter, if I open up one of the armed doors I get a notification since Smart Things has me as away.

What do you mean by “when I announce”?

using amazon echo saying Alexa I’m leaving or I’m alone and using a scene link to smarthings.

For me, Alexa will not perform most Routines that are related to security. For example, she’ll lock the doors but will not unlock them.

Don’t think she will disarm SHM via voice either…

You need to build custom routines for this. Either using your own alexa skill-building capability, or via webhooks in IFTTT or something. I used IFTTT for it.

I desperately wish Amazon would take their voice ID capability, which they currently use fo purchasing via Alexa, and extend it out. Would be fantastic if I could say “Alexa, unlock the door” and it does so… but if someone else says it, Alexa refuses.

I use Virtual Switches(VS) and webCoRE to tie a VS to a security function. This way I can use a VS in a normal routine and Alexa will execute the command because she doesn’t know that the VS is tied to a security function.

For example:

Set up Routines to change SHM as desired. Then use either askAlexa or Echositant to tell Alexa to have ST execute the routine. Both askAlexa and Echosistant were made by community developers.

OK, you can do it, but there’s a trick to it. You have to have a virtual switch to act as a go-between, so that echo thinks it’s just turning the switch on but that switch coming on will activate a routine or other automation that unlocks the lock. There’s an FAQ for this using the SmartThings classic app.

If you’re using the new “SmartThings (Samsung Connect)” App, I don’t think there is a way to do it, as that app itself will not allow you to automate unlocking a lock at this time.

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I have got this all running by using samsung shartthings classic and alexa routines now. Thanks!

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Is your Alexa Routines changing the SHM status from away to home etc? I’ve tried it several times and it will turn on & off lights but not change the status.

I think the original question wasn’t about locking and unlocking, but rather just getting it to automatically set the Away, Stay, or Disarm of the SHM when you leave or come home. I cannot find a way to do this either so I am interested in figuring this out. I can only have it automatically change status if I use time automation.

Smarthings Routines can adjust the SHM. Alexa can do it with voice commands of the ST routines by using askAlexa or Echosistant. I haven’t been able to get the Amazon Alexa app routines to change SHM status.

Routines in the old app can, Automations in the new app cannot except if you are using a time function routine. But I don’t see a way to adjust SHM when I leave, come home, go to bed (motion stops for a set length of time), or turn off monitoring after I get up (motion is detected in certain areas of the house after certain times). All things that could be done in the old Routines aren’t available in the new Automations - unless I’m missing something.

The new Samsung Connect is lacking features found in the ST classic app.


Makes me glad I haven’t been migrated yet.