Smart Home Devices


Which Smart Home Device has the best usage experience for you ? For me is RM pro from Broadlink.I bought it from

(Marcus) #2

For me it is probably the Fibaro Motion Sensor… works flawless so far… the only one that does…

Did you connect your Broadlink device with Smartthings? Does it allow you to control from Smartthings functions of specific devices?

(Christopher Masiello) #3

Amazon Echo. It integrates with SmartThings and controls lights. Plus it does a ton of other stuff great. It makes my house feel like the Star Trek episodes from my youth. It’s the only HA device that consistently impresses my guests.


I have watched it,what a cute gadget!

(Nate House) #5

Mine has been the kwikset 914 paired w a zigbee radio module. I realize how easy it is to break into kwikset locks and all but, the lock does everything ive needed it to. It also has a built in siren that you can trigger from SHM in the event of say a water leak or some other trigger. I currently use it with the user lock manager app to handle codes, temp codes, code triggers and expiration.

Also have the same codes linked up to the iris keypad for synced users w SHM. Would like to figure out a way to link up my DSC panel keypad into the same as ive got it hooked up with an evl4 bridge too but, the door codes, keypad codes can both disarm SHM and the DSC so thats nice at least.

(Brian Diehl) #6

I will have to second the Echo (well, Amazon Alexa Voice Service since I also use it on my Fire TV).

It’s nice to be able to turn off my kitchen light from the couch (I get a glare) if I forget.
I can voice control the TV off (via Harmony).

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #7

Again with the Echo. It has actually renewed my interest in SmartThings as previously most of my stuff was transitioned to Indigo and HAM Bridge.

The stock integration, and my implementation of @N8XD’s skill has yet to fail to impress.

(Bobby) #8

For me is the Smartthings hub. It made me dependable on Kwikset 914 and Fibaro sensors, Honeywell t-stats and Keen vents. Followed closely by Echo amd Bloomsky.


I think the Amazon Echo is the most famous one.:slight_smile: