"Smart" Heating system for an apartment with no thermostat


I live in an apartment with electrical heaters. They are each controlled individually and there is no central thermostat in the apartment, so I can’t use a smart thermostat like Nest to control them.

I am tired of freezing during the winter and want to see if I can cobble together a “smart” heating system using Google Home/SmartThings, IFFT, a wifi or Bluetooth enabled temperature sensor and smart electrical plugs.

The general idea would be to get Google Home/SmartThings to turn on or off the smart plugs when the temperature falls below or rises above specified levels, controlling the heaters and maintaining ambient heat in the apartment.

Do you know of any suitable temperature sensors that are compatible with Google Home and which would work for such a setup?

I am completely new to home automation and I am renting, so there is no point in me spending a lot of money on this project.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.​

There are many zigbee and z-wave devices that report temperature and will work with SmartThings. But not directly with google home.

Turning the heaters on and off could be trickier.

How are the heaters connected to your mains wiring now?

I had a similar issue with a cold conservatory.
I use electrical heating, one wall heater plugged in to a smart-plug and some electric underfloor heating controlled by a Fibaro wired-in relay.
Both of these are controlled by a smartapp I wrote for smartthings.

This uses a ‘smartsense’ sensor to tell the app what the temperature is but you could use any sensor capable of reading temperature which is compatible with smartthings.

You don’t need to use IFTTT or Google to control anything - just smartthings.

Obviously this would only work for you if the heaters can be used with a smartplug (i.e. you can find out the wattage of the heater and it’s below the max rating for the smart-plug)

I am doing the same thing with an air conditioner. I use a GE ZWave Outlet, similar to the link below, and a home grown ESP-8266/DHT 11 thermostat - but you can use any ZWave thermostat. Radio Thermostat CT-100 has been around for a while and available on ebay pretty cheap.