Smart device to handle water heater with Tank

I would like to buy a water heater with tank. but I need it to be part of my smart home. So I can turn it on and off remotly, have a schedule for it. it will be great also if it can show me how many gallon of hot water available and how much electricity it is using.


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I think your other requirements can be achieved, but the one about how much water is available may be a little more challenging. You never know, there could be something out there that does this.

I found a device that doing that.

but they currently only operate in North American only. I am in contact with them to see if there is any international water heater brand that they support.

Interesting find. It’s WiFi, so as long as they have an open API so you can develop what you’ll need for ST to communicate to their cloud you should be able to use this once it comes out.

Hi there,

I have a power vented gas water tank. I was wondering if I can hook up my water tank to my smartthing outlet and when I’m away from the house or go to bed, have it set up to turn off the power to my water tank. Wouldn’t that negate the need to buy a gas water timer?

Old thread, but I wanted to see if anyone has done work with this product and perhaps written a Device Handler for it. Or have suggestions for another smart method for controlling the temperature of a water heater.

As I search through the threads I see several instances of turning a water heater off and on, but not much about controlling the temperature. I would like to see where I could control my Water Heater (Electric) much as I do my furnaces with the Ecobee.

Hi. I’ve been looking into Aquanta and API. On Aquanta’s FAQ page, they say they don’t have an open API. However, I did find some interesting things with Aquanta and IFTTT. I’m not sure how that works, but there has to be someway that they are pulling the data from Aquanta.

If you have a high efficiency water heater they usually have a blower and on off switch. For a while (months) when we left on vacation I would turn off the heater using the switch, and they upon our return forget to turn it back on until someone wanted to take a shower, then I would hear about my mistake… Anyway I have put a controllable outlet between the 120 volt plug and then set-up smart lighting controls so that whenever everyone leaves the outlet shuts off, and turns on whenever someone returns.
Been working good for the last year, saving some expense also, I am not really sure how much since we have been having kids move out also. The trick is to single 120 volts supply and the on off switch for the water heater.