Smart Bulbs with Best Dimmable Range and Turn on with a quick switch flip

I am looking for a white smart bulb that is able to actually dim all the way down to 1-5% and will turn on with a quick light switch toggle up and down. I have a lightify and a sengled, but their dimming range only goes down to about 30%. I have Hue and they have a great dimming range, however flipping a switch on and off quickly does not make it turn on, you have to cut power for about a second before it resets to the default on mode.

I want a bulb that works well as a smart and a dumb bulb, meaning I can turn it off/on and dim down to about 5% with my phone, but also if I need it to be on I can flip the switch quickly and it will turn on. Hue has the dimming, but not the quick light flip while lightify and sengled have a poor dimming range but do work with a quick switch flip.

I am wondering about Eufy, GE or any other bulbs that may meet both of these requirements.

Thanks for your help!

Never do this with smart bulbs. The in-rush current will eventually fry the radio and you’ve have an expensive dumb bulb.

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I’m ok with that risk, Functionality is more important to me.

If functionality is most important, then a smart switch would fit your needs better.

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I’m not getting the functionality aspect of turning a switch off then quickly back on. If you control a smart bulb with a dumb switch, you just have an expensive dumb bulb. Instead, look into dumb dimmable bulbs and get a smart switch.

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Pretty much all of the smart bulbs have a slight delay when returning to power because the radio needs to attempt to connect back to the network and then see if there are instructions. Almost all of these bulbs are intended to always remain on power for this reason, as well as the potential damage from inrush current that @Automated_House mentioned.

So there are two alternative approaches you can consider.

The first is to use a different kind of switch, one that will in fact leave the bulbs always on power. There are a couple of different “smart switch covers” now which fit over the existing switch. That leaves the existing Switch always on power, but still gives you a switch to press. There are also some other options with the similar result. That would remove the delay from the bulb because it remains connected to the network the whole time.

See the following FAQ (this is a clickable link) for discussion of the various options.

The other alternative, as has also been suggested, is to use a smart switch with dumb bulbs. Again, because the switch always remains connected to the network, you don’t have the startup delay.

The most responsive switches are the Lutron Caseta line, these are very quick with a good dimming range.

The GE switches do not dim as low and are not as responsive.

If by chance you can’t use a wired switch because you live in a rental and can’t do anything that requires wiring, still check the first FAQ above as there are some battery operated switch options that work with smart bulbs and won’t require wiring.


I have Sams branded led bulbs and GE z-wave dimmer switches and the will do what you want. Keep my lamps at 1% at night