Smart Bulbs or Smart Switch With Dumb Bulbs

All the z-wave switches discussed (GE and Linear) are a paddle style, but they don’t actually flip up/down; so they’re never out of sync. Push the bottom half for “off” and the top half for “on” regardless of the status of the light. This also means, there is no sync issue when controlling the lights via the app.

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Do they come with apps or do they need to be integrated into a hub that supports Z-Wave (such as SmartThings) in order to control them from a smart phone/device?

The z-wave switches would require a hub or z-wave master controller (such as SmartThings). No smartphone (that I know of) can send z-wave signals directly.

I agree with most that Linear Dimmers are better than the GE/Jasco Dimmers with better dimming control and no buzzing when dimmed low. GE on/off switches are cheaper and use wire-screws vs the slightly higher priced Linear on/off switch with wires and wire nuts needed.

So I forgot to ask. What are the preferred “dumb” LED bulbs? A19s.

I’ve been using the cheap 60 watt equivalent Cree bulbs that home depot sells for 6 or 7 dollars. Haven’t had any buzzing or other issues even when dimmed.

+1 on the Cree bulbs. They work well. I have both BR30 and standard bulbs.

Probably not completely in line with the conversation but loosely related…

When switching from Zigbee smart bulb to z-wave smart switch:

Has anyone noticed a decrease in latency and an increase in success rate?

I’ve switched out 3 bulbs total for 2 switches (total) in 2 separate locations. Both times I noticed a decrease in latency and I’ve yet to have a failure…the latter part may take more time to assess.

Anyone? I hitting the placebo train?