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Smart App with delay functions

(Curtis Scott) #1

We have a client that is looking to have motion sensor trigger lights to turn on, if motion is still present after 1 minute to turn on another device, 1 min later turn on another device…

Intended to simulate someone being home and walking around the house, kitchen lights on, then garage lights, then outside lights… or something like that.

anyone know of a way to accomplish this?


(Ron Talley) #3

(Curtis Scott) #4

link broken @rontalley
thanks @JDRoberts

(Ron Talley) #5

(Curtis Scott) #6

@rontalley I found these vacation extensions but we want to use a motion sensor as a trigger for the delayed program/piston…

(Ron Talley) #7

CoRE is awesome and I usually recommend it but seeing what your ultimate goal was…

How will the motion be triggered if no one is home? Of course CoRE can do that but…

(Curtis Scott) #8

its intended use is when nobody is around and someone enters the yard (burglar/intruder) the program runs and if someones home then the lights will start turning on as well as other alerts…

(Ron Talley) #9

Oh, that’s “Smart”!