Smart App Config fails if more than "x" number of devices are selected on the config page

Hello, I experienced this error in an app I am developing after which I reproduced it in the ‘Weather Color Change’ app that is used as a tutorial/sample in the SmartThings documentation.

I changed one of the config options to select “multiple” switches. It seems that if you select multiple devices, it works fine, until you go beyond a certain number. At that point, you get this error (screenshots attached) that says “Network or Server Error occurred”.

When this happens, this are no log entries corresponding to this error in DEveloper Workspace log, nor a call is made from SmartThings cloud to my App’s backend. So the error occurs entirely within the SmartThings cloud perhaps.

Does this discussion help?

See the “Devices” section:

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This helps John, thanks a lot. However a couple of notes:

  • The guardrail limit on devices is documented as “30.” - I assumed, perhaps mistakenly that this would come into play when i am making an explicit call against the DEVICES API, which I could have worked around. But I am getting this error, during the CONFIG phase. When I am not making any devices API call at all. So does this mean that a single Smart App can only view/manage 30 devices in total. That seems like a very shallow limit, a single room can have 4 recessed light bulbs for example.

Rule: Maximum number of devices per Installed app (cloud-connected): 30

  • Secondly, there are apps like ACTION TILES and SHARPTOOLS.IO that allow us to build the dashboard, and their SmartApp, on the phone, allow me to select all devices without a problem. If this is a limit on managed devices, and not on how many we invoke in a single Device API call, then how come they are not experiencing this limit?