Slga is broken?

Is it me or is smart lock guest access corrupted? I thought insaw some comments about it & when i just checked i noticed some users are missing & it looks like its just showing history.

Yes… users are reporting the missing names in multiple threads since yesterday:

But do you know if the assigned codes still work? I have nurses for my daughter & thats going to screw me up big time, or is their another solution?

Ok @jkp thanks for providing the updates. For now i will wait. Im wondering if @RBoy new driver software includes something to do lock codes like the old lum? Im thinking probably not. Sometimes i wish i were an apple fan to spare myself this agida from samsung, but i could never do it.

It’s WIP, new updates will include more features for local control

What about lock codes? Cant deal with samsungs solution.

You can look here for help with a few solutions for lock codes.