Sleeping Z Wave Device Reported Offline

So I am using a dry contact sensor and kiddie relay to make my networked dumb Smoke/CO detectors smart. They all work fine.

Challenge I have is that in the new ST App, when the Dry Contact sensor sleeps, it shows the device as offline. I suspect this has something to do with the DTH and it identifying as a “Smoke” sensor.

Any thoughts on how I can overcome this and get the new app to stop thinking it is offline when it sleeps?

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The DTH needs to be updated to include Health Check (probably a few other things too), or you can grab ST’s code for a contact sensor that’s already been updated and tweak it to look like a smoke sensor.

I figured as much, but the modifications I have made don’t help. Tried adding the Health Check capability, and didn’t change.

I am using Alan’s (@vseven ) DTH below: