Single Pole Switch, 3 Wires

I went to install a Z-Wave switch and noticed I don’t have a neutral wire to my switch. I do however have a second wire attached to the bottom terminal (what I presume to be my load). All three wires are black. This is not a three-way. Does anyone have any idea what that might be going to? Or, what it’s use is?

To wire my switch up, I’m going to need a neutral of course. I have an outlet on a separate circuit in the same box. Ideas?

I’m guessing you have more lights/switches on the same branch circuit…someone decided to use the switch to connect the two together…they could’ve done wire nuts with a pig tail to this switch, but either (I think) is acceptable.

Any other (unconnected or bundled) wires in the box?

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Yep… Turns out I’m just a fruitcake. The neutrals were in the box, bundled together, just like they should be. Switch installed and working excellently :slight_smile:

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