Need help installing zwave switch

Today, I installed my first switch and dimmer switch which made me very accomplished considering I’m not much of a handy person. Lol. I do read, research and watch videos, and I’m good at following instructions. however, I was trying to install another switch, but I failed :frowning: and now I need some advise…

I’m trying to install a second on/off switch in a box that currently has 2 toggle on/off switches. 1 switch controls a ceiling light fixture and the 2nd switch controls a power outlet on the wall

To me, it seems that there are 4 neutrals that are tied to each other (I removed the cap for the picture). I am only trying to install one zwave (right side) switch to control the ceiling light, but I can’t figure out how or which neutrals need to stay together and which go to the zwave switch.

Can someone please help me?

You add z-wave device neutral to the other neutrals you currently have exposed. Follow steps for load, hot, and ground and you are good to go.

I don’t know the technical word, but do i basically bridge a neutral from the group of neutrals to the zwave switch?

Yes, you use the white wire that came with your z-wave device and twist it along the other neutrals using same wire nut if they fit.

Or get bigger size

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Yup it’s called pigtail. Here’s a nice short video from Leviton. Hopefully you’re checking that those are neutral wires with a multimeter (and your line/load while at it).

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