Simulated Alexa Switch Stopped Triggering Alexa Routines (August 2020)

Are there other alternatives to accomplish this other than using bjpierron’s device handler for the simulated alexa switch? For example could this be implemented using webcore or using IFTTT?

The key is that echo routines can only be triggered from a sensor. Not a switch.

The advantage of the bjpierron DTH Was that it created a virtual device that was both a switch and a sensor. Turning on the switch, which you could do from any smartthings automation, would make the sensor look like it opened. So then your echo routine would trigger because it saw a sensor open.

IFTTT is not going to add anything to help with this.

Webcore does have the option of activating a virtual sensor that doesn’t also have switch capability. So you can try that. But my understanding is that that has been showing the exact same glitch.

Beyond that, at least initially the same glitch was reported with physical smartthings Sensors, although I don’t know if that’s still true.

But if you want to try an alternative method, webcore with a virtual sensor that was not also a switch would probably be your best bet.

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My Simulated Alexa Switch has started working again! :grinning:
This is not the result of anything I did because it has been many days since I made any changes.

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