Simplicity brand motorized blinds

Does anyone know if there is a way to integrate a Simplicity brand motorized shades? I can find a converter for Somfy brand but nothing on Simplicity’s protocol.

If they are the motors that I think you are talking about… you would need a broadlink RM Pro and a spare android device. You would also need a virtual switch and somthing like CoRE to fire a command based on the switch status. Can you send me an image of the remote for the motors? I should be able to tell you if I am talking about the same thing.

I haven’t bought it yet, so don’t have a picture.
I’m loookung at the blinds from because they seem relatively inexpensive.The CS rep told me the motor was manufactured by Simplicity. (Looks like also uses this motor)

Ok… I know exactly what motor that is. And no… they won’t integrate. The method I mentioned above is a partial integration and sometimes won’t work. I actually have a demo setup at my home (from testing). I’ll take a video of it and show how its working right now (I’ll have it up tomorrow, if I forget just PM me).


  1. Connect Broadlink RM2 Pro to a spare android device.
  2. Download RM tasker plugin, it should be able to run without tasker (its a paid app).
  3. Learn the open/close/preferred position commands from the remote using RM2 Pro.
  4. Enable http server in the RM tasker plugin
  5. Create a CoRE piston that is tied to a virtual dimmer switch which calls a URL on the android device. When the URL is called the android device forwards the command to the RM2 Pro, and the RM2 Pro then broadcasts the command.
  6. Works about 80% of the time. Sometimes it just doesn’t do anything until you toggle the switch a few times in ST.

Edit: The motor itself is a generic motor and runs on 433.92 MHZ.
Second Edit (and shameless self advertising :sweat_smile:), you can check these out for integrated shades: Z-Wave + integrated blinds/shades: Custom Graber Virtual Cord Shades

Has anyone else had success in pairing a motor? I’ve got an opportunity to buy some skylight shades at near cost, but it’s not worth it if they can’t integrate for me.

I’ve been looking at different options, but there doesn’t appear to be much in the skylight shade range.

It’s not the motor that matters, it’s the radio frequency control mechanism.

If it has a handheld remote, then you need to check what frequency that operates on.

If it happens to be zwave or zigbee home automation (ZHA 1.2), then there’s a good chance it can be made to integrate with SmartThings.

If it works with IFTTT, you may be able to get at least a partial integration.

If it uses 433 or 334 MHz, then you may be able to use the broadlink pro method that @ZebraBlinds described above.

If it happens to be compatible with the harmony home hub, you should be able to get some integration that way.

If it uses an IR Remote, there are a couple of possibilities, including the global cache or Harmony.

If it has an android app, there are some things you can do with two third-party apps, Tasker and sharptools.

If it works with echo, there are some other possibilities where you can use an additional android device and have it speak commands to the echo. You won’t get the status back, but you can get some control which will work for some situations.

If it uses none of the above, but it has a remote, there is a robot button pusher you can get but it can get quite expensive as you have to get one button pusher per button and there is also an annual fee. You can read more about this option in the following thread:


Hey Zack there is a controller coming out that allows ifttt integration if it’s the motor I am thinking about. Will be out later this year.


Hey zack, if you still need the controller can you PM me? Thanks.

Hi ZebraBlinds, I am interested in finding out more about the controller. Could you provide more information? Thanks!