Simple Wiring for GE Zwave wall switch

I have installed quite a few of the GE Zwave wall switches. They work great. I am working my way to the basement. I pull out my first switch that runs a few florescent lights and found this:

One romex wire 1 black, 1 white, and one ground connected to a single pole switch. There is no load. This is on the left side of the picture. All the others I have done have 2 black wires, one to line and one to load. I connected the black to the line and white to the neutral. That doesn’t seem to work. The LED flashes fast blue. Anyone else know what to do here?

Loiks like they just pulled a leg down from the fixture without a neutral… I bet its up there. You’ll probably have to go with a no-neutral capable switch.

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Agreed. That’s a non-neutral. More than likely, the white is the line (without a neutral) and the switched hot return on the black. You’ll need an Inovelli or other similar switch that works in a non-neutral configuration.


Check to see if there is a neutral in the box for the other switch. (Sorry I can’t see from your photo). If there is use that one, neutral’s are common so unless you have live from the protected side of an RCD (ELCB) and the neutral from an unprotected circuit it won’t cause you any problems.

You seem to be suggesting using a hot from one circuit and a neutral from another circuit, as that’s the only way you’d get an unprotected neutral with a protected hot. In the US that violates the NEC and likely local codes. There is a good reason that you shouldn’t do that.


No, I was saying unless that…
In other words dont do it. Perhaps I should have been clearer