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Simple Programming App for CT100 thermostat?



HI, recently installed a Vivint CT100 Z-wave thermostat. (one of the few smart thermostat that doesn’t require a c-wire, and it’s Z-wave).
Have no problem remote set the temperature etc.
However looking for something free and easy to use , to simply program the thermostat. (this thermostat doesn’t support on-unit programming, so it’s “dumber” than my old Honeywell one :slight_smile:
Tried a few smartapps somehow have trouble figuring out how to do it.
Thanks a lot.

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Depending on what you’re looking for there are a couple of apps you can check out, there are some basic apps and then some advanced apps:


Thanks a lot, I’ll give a try first and if it’s good I’ll go with the more advanced version…

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For simple programming, those above are good options. If those don’t work, or for someone who wants true “If this, then that” style programming, you can use WebCore.

With Webcore you can adjust the programming based on almost anything, motion, outside temp, month of year, presence, mode, time since last movement, etc. I also like that I can bump the thermostat if a cold front comes in using rules like “change setpoint to {current temp} + 2 degrees”

Just wanted to share an option for anyone looking for advanced thermostat programming.


Thanks. I’ve tried the app suggested by RBoy and it seems to do the job just fine.
I’ve heard about webcore and will definitely explore a bit.