Simple Notify - Water Valve

I have what i assume is a very simple question… i am a new SmartHub and am trying to figure this out.

I have a Leak Gopher Z-Wave water shutoff valve and it works great with the SmartHub system. except that it seems after a power outage, the SmartHub turns the water valve back on (this is not something i have set and i see no settings to this effect).

I would like to create a simply notify, to text me if the valve opens, when it was previously closed (even if i turned it on on purpose).

all of the notify existing rules i can find do not have an option for my valve or its settings…

any ideas? I’ve been reading about CoRE and Pistons, which seems might work, but figured it ask the guru’s

Thanks a bunch!


This is very easily accomplished with CoRE. So you might as well just jump into it head first!! The possibilities are endless and there are several people always willing to help with your questions. There are some links below to help you get started. Most of which you have probably already visited.

This is a great place to find advice from others or post your own question. Very active thread. But always feel free to post a question in a new topic to cut some of the confusion down.

Currently the developer of CoRE is working on a version to create and edit pistons not in the SmartThings UI but this is very alpha stages as of right now.

Hope this helps with your process and look forward to seeing you over there. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me or over there as well!


While Core is useful in many situations, it fails in one respect (not a fault of Core per se, but the ST environment as a whole).

In your use case, where the valve auto opens upon power RESUMPTION, a Core piston will NOT pick the change up because I can almost guarantee you the hub is still offline and/or in the process of rebooting when you water valve has already changed to open… The ST world is re-active, so if nothing changed with the valve (remember, it has ALREADY opened), Core will have nothing to pick up on & report to you.

I speak from experience - I have several semi-critical power outlets [read: freezers] I use in a similar situation - that default to OFF after a power outage when they should be on…

The only way I have used Core to get around this issue is to set up a piston that repeats itself every 5/10/15 mins checking for, in my case, an OFF state, alerting me & attempts to power back on.

I am sure you can also easily manage to store the last known STATE of the valve in a global variable, which you can check against in a repeating piston to alert you if the there was an undetected change that occurred, but I have not set up something like this.


I don’t know about ST V1 hubs but my V2 has battery backup. So while that will still be online your internet might not be. Good point tho