Simple automation but not: if any of several sensors triggers, then

ive been using smarthings for a while and thought i was doing well with automations but this ahs me stumped…
V2 hub, using clasic app
i have an insect reperlor pluged into a z-wave socket. what i want is when one of three contact sensors open turn it on, when closed turn it off.
Problem, using smartlighting app, when 2 or more are opened, when one is closed it turns it off, even though another contact sensor is still open.

Any ideas? i guess webcore but never used it yet, any other options im missing?

Webcore is your solution.
if any switch opens
then socket turn on
if all switches are closed
then socket turn off

You can also have other conditions (time of day, motion, etc)

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You can also do this w/ custom automations in the V3 app


ok im trying it, what is this error mean?
12:30:03 PM: error Please install the webCoRE Storage SmartApp for better performance

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Here are installation steps You need to use classic Smartthings app.

Much easier to just login to the new app and use the custom automation creator.


I tried but something is wrong in my logic it doesn’t turn off

Try a condition instead of a trigger (are open instead of changes to)

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Good spot. What are the schedule canceling lines, there are no timers

Change your statements from “change to” to “is open” or “is closed”, as there is no way that all can change at the same time.
If you also need timers, there is the “wait” statement.