Need 4 door sensors to all be in same state to be closed

I have a routine running that checks door sensors to see if they are open for a determined amount of time, if any of them are open for 10 minutes the routine shuts off my AC through my zxt-120, it then re checks every 10 minutes to see if the doors are closed and if any of them are open it sends another command to the AC to shut off, Just in case they turn it one again using the AC remote.
My problem is I need to know that all sensors are closed before I stop sending the AC off command.

Right now I have it setup for mutiple sensors
input “contact”, “capability.contactSensor”, title: “Choose Sensors”, multiple: true

but the routine stops if only one sensor is closed even of there are more than one open. How can I make sure that it only knows its properly closed when all sensors are closed.

I kind of need all the sensors to be effectivaly wired in series so if one or more are open Its “open” and all of them have to be closed for it to be “closed”

any help would be appreciated.

Use webCoRE

If any of contacts are open
Then with ac
Wait x minutes
Turn Off

If all contacts are closed
Then with ac
Turn On

Follow up with Piston (x minutes)

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thanks for this but for some reason when I setup my account I am using this url

and the settings tab is not there when I add a new smartapp if I go to the I can add my account but not my Hub so I am not sure what to do I can do everything else from were I am at except at github ???

is it possible to completely start from scratch in other delete my smartthings account reset the hub and start from scratch so I am on the right server so I can add github and webcore ??.
I dont see a way to delete my accounts .