Shower light questions

Just starting out with making the home smarter. We have a light in our shower and children. I would like to make the light flash off/on once after it has been on for 10 minutes, flash twice at 20 minutes, and dim way downbat 25 minutes. Or have it change colors at the intervals of time. My questions are Can I do this with a dimmer switch? Or can I buy a hue bulb to change the colors? I have a smartthings hub so if I buy a hue bulb, do I need a hue hub? I would do a motion sensor but that may freak out the visitors.

First, on the Hue Bridge, see the following FAQ (this is a clickable link)

Second, is the light actually inside the splash zone of the shower? Or is it outside the shower as a regular ceiling light. If it’s inside the splash zone of the shower, we need the brand and model of the fixture to see what will work there.

But other than that, everything you describe is doable with the combination of a smartthings hub and a Hue bridge. Or just a SmartThings Hub and a different brand of color bulb that can connect directly to the hub.

One other thing… While I understand The issue of teenagers and taking 45 minute showers, I highly recommend against dimming the light down very low after a given time as this can become a major safety issue. There are many reasons why someone might need to be in the bathroom for a long time, and quite a few of them are related to illness, infirmity, or having to deal with an emergency like getting sprayed by a skunk. It’s just not a good idea to dim the lights when someone is in the shower. It would be better to change the lights to a different color as an alert. Or just let the teens know that you will know. :nauseated_face:

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The light is a regular 110 light. Recessed can and regular bulb all water resistant and code. As for dimming it down to low there is the main bathroom lights for safety. It’s set up so the shower light can’t be on without the main light. Thanks for the info on the hue set up. I doubt I will ever use any, just can’t imagine what for. I’m sure I’ll end up with some sooner or later with the kids.