Should I wait for z-wave plus for a toggle light switch?

I sort of need/want to add a couple more light switches… has to be toggle not paddle to match others in the set. Should I wait for z-wave plus? Thanks

The GE zwave plus toggle switch (model #14292) is due to be released in December.

Or you can buy the zooz toggle switch now, it’s zwave plus.

I would definitely go with Z wave plus, you’ll get better range and easier pairing. :sunglasses: :level_slider::bulb:


I can always depend on JDRoberts for help… so I have the GE, was unaware of the zooz… I like the price… but are they any good? Thanks

I haven’t seen one myself. There are some Community reviews:

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The Zooz don`t come with screws and your old ones will probably be to long I cut mine with this. I believe they are 6-32.

The GE Z-wave Plus Paddle Switch (14291) switch is now available on Amazon.

The dimmer version is not yet available.

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I need a toggle…

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