Shipping Progress for Kickstarter (2013)

I know you guys are working hard, just haven’t  heard anything since you asked for the BONUS Choices for the Kickstarter Makers/Developers on Feb 4th.  You had said you were going to try and ship some this month.  Any word on that target, and how do we find out if we’re one of the lucky backers on that early shipping list?

Thank you, I’m super excited for this system to get into my hands.


No but really. We’re going to get some kits out this month, but majority of people will get their kits in March. I can’t recall if any sort of order the kits we’re going to go out in, but its going to be a logistical decision and not a who backed first one. This way we can focus on getting more kits out the door faster.

Trust me, no one is more excited than us to get you your kit :smiley:

Thank you for getting back to me.  I know everyone is anxious, and I appreciate your time.

I’ll give you my contact info, so I can be kit #1 :wink:

I’m so anxious too! When launch comes we’re to have some sleepless nights making sure all is well. I hope you love it !

I wonder when you are ready for shipping to Europe (Holland). Can’t wait to have my SmartThings



Any update on when those of us North of the 49th may see our toys :slight_smile:


I’m at our shipping and fulfillment center right now. We just shipped a big pallet of kits and more will go out next week :smiley: Facebook and Twitter will have the best updates!

Canada will be the first international shipment so I’d expect them within within a month or less.

What type of progress is being made into shipping out to Kickstarter Backers?  I keep hearing about everyone who has their kits and working on apps, and I’m going crazy!!!


Got another email from Kickstarter also, been waiting for mine to come in the mail. I have not looked yet but is there any development on the android app. It would probably be useless if I receive my kit and not be able to play with it with my app. :frowning:

We’re actively shipping. If your kit is on its way you will get a notification with the tracking number. Unfortunately there is no way to look at what number in line you are.

I know, I know, you guys are slammed and working hard.  You can’t blame me for being super psyched though right?

I will eagerly (but probably not patiently, I can barely sit still thinking of all the possibilities) await my turn.  “I gotta have a wildebeast!” (Shenzi, The Lion King)

BTW, any news on the Android App?

We released an alpha version for internal testing and should have a beta in about a week or two.

Thanks for your replies Andrew.  I know you guys are super busy, I’m just super excited and getting jealous of everyone who has one already, or lives near the events.

Just wanted to note my shipping experience.  I received my SmartThings Kit (Early Bird Backer on August 23rd) on Friday, May 10th.  It arrived UPS and I was notified by UPS of a delivery (you can sign up to get notifications of deliveries coming to you home through your MyUPS account if you have one).

I never received and shipping notice from SmartThings and still have not.

Just wanted to throw that out there if it helps anyone.

And just like you described I got my box today with no notice. :slight_smile: Just waiting on the android app so I can use my smartthingy.