Shed friendly motion sensor?


I’m looking for a shed friendly motion sensor. I need something that can survive being outside in a closed shed, and not die due to temperatures getting to -5 celcius or lower.

I tried using the Smartthings Motion Sensor, and I now have a dead one of those.

Does there exist a simple motion sensor that can handle nordic temperatures without dying?

My Fibaro motion sensor has no problem surviving upstate ny winters fully exposed. For batteries make sure you use a good lithium one as they aren’t affected by the cold. Energizer makes a cold weather Li-Ion that is guaranteed to 20 below.

I’m glad that the Fibaro has worked for you, but it is only rated down to 0°. Not below.

One option to consider is the Kumo wireless tag sensors. They are rated for between -40°C to 85°C. They’re a good quality device and there is a community – created integration, or you can just use IFTTT

The problem is that they require their own bridge device, so that increases the cost, as the bridge is about $60. It can support up to 40 of its own tags. And then the sensor is another $39.

So a more expensive option, but one that is warranteed for a much wider range of temperatures.

I know there are some EU community members who have them, but I don’t know if they had to write to the company about special shipping.

Mine are -25°-85°C, a temperature that is a daily norm all winter plus the nasty weather it gets exposed to.

I thought of the Kumo too as I use a couple of them at the lake over the winter but the price gets up there and have some connectivity issues.