Anyone else having presence problems with sharp tools …it keeps reporting i arrived at random times and disabling my cameras …not good
Currently using tasker with Sharptools is there any way of improving this

How do you have your presence profile setup? SharpTools itself doesn’t have any way of identifying presence - it relies on Tasker or other plugins like AutoLocation to identify presence and SharpTools is responsible for interfacing with SmartThings to send the status updates.

No problems here, rock solid on both my phone and my wife’s phone. I’m using Tasker with AutoLocation as the geofencing engine, SharpTools just acts as the medium to send updates from Tasker to ST as @joshua_lyon said above.

Tasker , autolocation and sharptools .
Mainly happens during the night mode , cameras are on but then sharptools tells smartthings ive arrived home and turns of cameras

I’d check through your Tasker logs and see what’s triggering SharpTools to send the Arrived command. I’ve seen Autolocation bounce in and out of geofences while stationary sometimes, you might need something else (like multiple geofences or a wifi connection) to keep your presence from bouncing around.

Here’s the short version of how mine is set up if you’re interested:

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Sounds like mine is similar to yours , ill go through it and make some changes …let you know how i get on
Thanks for your help

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