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I hope that someone smart is working on this. It is frustrating that I cannot see it as a device in Smartthings or Alexa. I might want to create a scene or routine that incorporates Shark. It is also not available as a service in IFTTT. Interesting note - the Shark iphone app only shows that the battery is charging while there is an Alexa command that wil give you the battery charge percentage.

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Because it has an Alexa integration, you can use the old hacky method of setting up an inexpensive android device next to your Amazon device, programming the android device to speak the command you want, and then the echo will respond to it. Like I said, hacky, but some people do use it.

See the “old information“ in the FAQ. (This is a clickable link) (you won’t be able to use the new method because the shark won’t show up in the routine actions.)

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

Thanks, JD.

I was able to write an intergration for this and am using it in my home. I have not published it because the method for obtaining your API key involves sniffing traffic from the android/iPhone app using fiddler.


@tobycth3 I hate to ressurect this a year later, but I’m looking to do the same thing. Would you mind sharing? Could be through DM if you’d like to keep it less public.

@jonwgeorge I was looking for the same thing tonight (great minds). No real integration that I found but I got it working using bjpierron Simulated Alexa Switch ( It is also a contact sensor so it can be used in Alexa routines. I created a routine that has a secondary alexa device (old phone or another echo) say “alexa, ask shark to start vacuuming” when the simulated switch is set to ON when a smartthings Everyone Leaves event is triggered (i.e. Goodbye). A second routine speaks the magic works to return the shark to the dock when the simulated switch is closed by smartthings Someone Arrives.

I’ve started working on this for fun. So far I’ve got most of the API sniffing/documenting done. I guess most notably what makes this different from what @tobycth3 has is that I have authentication working outside of the phone app and so will be easily able to do this within the SmartThings app as well. Will update once I have more to share.


Any chance you can post your findings? THX

Endpoints would be appreciated…

Very interested in any progress made @AndrewSmartThings !

@AndrewSmartThings - I’m interested in seeing what you have too :slight_smile: .

I saw @tobycth3 github repo so having a way to access without secret token would be great.

I’m really interested in seeing if the Shark Ion Robot will response to LAN requests without needing internet access. You can definitely get the RV750 to connect to your wifi network using just a web browser (press both left/right buttons for 5 secs and then connect to the new WiFi Access SID Shark_RV-mac_address) and there is a web app that allows you to connect to your network). After that connections to the min website on regular port 80 keep coming up with a 404.

Has anyone looked at dumping the firmware on these? Or sniffed LAN traffic during pairing with phone? Has anyone tried connecting to the local web server? claims to have some documentation but its not accessible at the moment.

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