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Special Event Lighting

Overview: Part of a special event lighting piston. This section is for the New Year.

Implementation: Uses @krlaframboise 's handler for playing MP3 files on the Aeotec Doorbell; standard ST Hue(Connect) for the Hue lights, Bloom in this case.

Feature(s): Track 28 is a MP3 soundbite of fireworks, while track 26 is a Chipmunks version of Auld Lang Syne (the Doorbell is limited to a max of ~20 secs. of play-time and this fit the bill, LOL).

Note(s): High WAF – the Chipmunk version of Auld Lang Syne was unexpected and she found it funny. Next event is 364 days away. I think I’ll add more lights for next year :smile:


some great examples here. I have a question, Where do you guys get screenshots of the setups? On my phone, it doesnt look anything like what you guys are posting here.

Follow instructions here…

Thought I’d post a CoRE Piston that might be of help to others.

Whenever it’s between sunset and sunrise and either:

  • my wife or I arrive home
  • my front doorbell rings
    my driveway, front door and foyer lights turn/brighten to 100% and after 5 minutes, return to their previous on/off/brightness state. This provides needed light to get the mail, bring in the garbage cans, disarm the security system or greet whoever rang the bell.

Here it is:

Capture and restore level and switch status are fairly straight-forward. However, I wanted to describe the reason for the use of the “StopDupeFlag” variable. I didn’t have that logic in the first version of this piston, but found that it never worked properly without it. Even when my wife and I were in the same car - arriving at seemingly the same instant, that wasn’t the case using our iPhones as far as ST is concerned. Even a second difference between our arrival times would result in the 1st arrival’s capture of level and switch status to be overwritten by the second person arriving and starting another capture. When that occurs (which is every time) the 2nd capture results in 100% brightness and switch on status being captured and then being recovered after the five minutes are up. The same thing happened when a visitor hits the bell quickly more than once. The “StopDupeFlag” Boolean variable prevents a second capture within the five minute waiting period.

BTW, I have a second piston that notifies and SMS’s my wife and I each time the doorbell is rung at any time.

I’ve learned a lot from reading these forums, so I hope this helps someone.


Overview: Thought I would share a piston that works quite well with the Minimote and allow you to adjust the brightness/fan speed by cycling through dimmer levels.

Implementation: Tested using Kyse’s Aeon Minimote handler a GE iris Dimmer (desertblade : Enhanced Dimmer Switch handler) and a GE iris Fan Control Switch (ChadCK : Z-Wave Smart Fan Control handler).

Feature(s): Pressing button one turns on the light at the lowest level (10) and each subsequent press raises the level by 30 until it reaches 99 then starts over at 10 again. For example 10, 40, 70, 99 then cycles back to 10. Holding button one turns off the light. Pressing button two basically does the same thing but there are only three levels that correspond to the three levels the switch lights support.

Note(s): You must start each ‘When True’ Individual Action with an ‘Add Variable’ to create the variable you will be using. The Add Variable step can then be deleted once the IF step is created.

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A notification every time a door is open or closed is a bit overkill. But if you add a contingency of device not present or a virtual switch being on or off or a physical switch/button being on or off. You have the building blocks to build an alternative to smart home monitor. Or of course have it work with smart home monitor or routine states.

The garage door opening or closing seems like a common question / request. Here is the piston I use for this task, works great.

I have it also contingent on the state of a virtual switch so I can easily turn it off if we are out and about In the neighborhood but crossing through the geofence circle.

Are you doing anything with the stored away list?

Forgot I had that in there at one point I had it send a push when true “{away} is away” for troubleshooting a presence sensor.

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I have no idea how you guys are making those pretty logic graphics. I can’t find any way to generate those in my app, the latest Release Candidate version on Android.

Anyway, here’s two of my latest creations…

Beep when changing alarm modes

Summary: We initialize our alarm system via routines, because that’s what our Iris Keypad manipulates when it arms/disarms. This creates a beep on our GoControl siren when the system changes modes.

Door Entry Detection Alarm

Summary: Smart Home Monitor doesn’t integrate a delay when a door is opened, so we use this to do two things: 1. Start a couple beeps so the entrant knows to disarm the system, 2. Wait some time, then open a virtual contact sensor, which is then detected by SHM. Our doors themselves aren’t actually added to the SHM configuration, just the virtual contact sensor. I leave it on for a minute before turning it off so that the system can properly detect it, rather than it being momentary.

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CoRE Dashboard… it’s the first/top option when you open the app, up above your list of pistons. Just need to have oAuth enabled in IDE for CoRE. There’s also a URL when viewing it to open it in any browser. And I believe it’s a browser plugin (at least in Chrome… but it’s been so long since I added it, I forget how I got it in Chrome…)

Here you go if you need the link

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Ok, I’ve been trying this off an on for a week or two and have had no success. I’ve read things about android, but the posts seem older.

So in IOS, through the smart app, I go to dashboard, which brings it up in safari. I’ve then copied the URL and tried to open that URL on my desktop computer. I’ve used IE, and chrome, even installed the Chrome plugin mentioned below. I do have OAUTH enabled.

All I ever get on my desktop is a blank screen. Am I missing something?


Now that you mention it… I’m only getting a blank screen on the computer… and I have the app thingy installed, hmmm

Here is my piston to unlock the back door when I get home, but not if I just drive by my home. I have one piston for me and one for my wife. I just had too much trouble figuring out how to get it to work 100%% of the time with both sensors.

Works like this: Presence changed and Presence is present. Wait 45 seconds and unlock, but if the presence changes again during that 45 seconds (like I’m just driving by the house) the piston gets canceled.

How long does it take for you to drive through your Geofence? 1 minute?

Why not just use one Piston with simple Triggers

If Paul’s iPhone presence “Stays” present for 1 minute

When True
When False


If Paul’s Wife presence “Stays” present for 1 minute

When True
When False

This way when either of you are gone for 1 minute the door auto locks and either of you stays present for 1 minute the door unlocks.

I’d say it take 30 seconds or so to drive through. I have it set as small as possible. Hmm, Ill try that. Can I skip the auto lock? I prefer to lock the door manually, or with my goodnight routine. I tried a “stays” present the other day and it did not seem to work as I expected. Maybe I did something wrong. I had something else that was working wonderfully as long as my wife and I were getting home at separate times, but when we drove together the other day, it canceled the piston, haha.

So I think your logic would work, In normal language, I want the door to unlock if either of us come home, whether the other person is there or not. So I come home, door unlocks, I come in, and lock the door behind me. The wife comes up 15 minutes later and the door unlocks again. Of course if she or I just drove by the house, it would not unlock.

I might have to increase my presence geofence a bit to hit the 1 minute, maybe that was my issue.

Enabling OAuth

Here is the link to enable the OAuth function. You will need to do this before you may press the Dashboard button.

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Couldn’t you also do wait one minute, unlock, cancel on piston state change? Instead of using “stays”?

If your is working for you then don’t change it. Was just giving another way to write the piston.

I live in a “turn-into” community so there is really no riding past the house but even still, when I first setup ST, it made my GeoFence too large.

You are able to go into your location and decrease your GeoFence small enough where it will eliminate the false positives.

Worked for me. My Piston is pretty straightforward and simple.